Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Village Haberdashery

A bundle of fabric I'd ordered from The Village Haberdashery over the weekend arrived yesterday morning.
I have plans for 6 projects!
The exciting typewriter print is by Melody Miller.
The four interchangeable fabrics on the right are pre-cut scarf lenghts. The patterns are velveteen and designed by Anna Maria Horner.
The pinks and gentle pattern on top right is by Cloud9.

In greater detail, here is the information:
1. Loulouthi Velveteens Scarf Cut - Clippings Amethyst
2. Voile Solids Scarf Cut - Plum
3. Loulouthi Velveteens Scarf Cut - Zagzig Garnet
4. Voile Solids Scarf Cut - Pumpkin
5. Nursery Basics - Speckle Shell
6. Maman - Chinoiserie
7. Nursery Basics - Gingham Shell
8. Ruby Star Shining - Typewriters Blue
9. Kona Cotton Solids - Amber

Thank you to Annie at  The Village Haberdashery  for her help and kindness. They say old style customer service can't be found in shops today like it used to be, well that is not true about this online shopkeeper!

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