Sunday, April 29, 2012


FabFabYo is a blogger based in Dublin who claims she is
Dangerously obsessed with fabs, that the only reason I'm learning how to sew is so that I have an excuse to buy more!
I bought 2m of "Happy Black" fabric from her but we didn't meet unfortunately as I was off to Europe for a month but my brother met her to receive the package! Really great not to have to pay postage and packaging but I don't know anything about the origin or the attributes of the fabric.

Not sure what to do make with the fabric. A skirt I think. Without panels. Maybe either NewLook 6872 or BurdaStyle 7215
The fabric is quite light. Cotton-y. I wonder if a blouse might work?!
Hopefully experience brings more ability for making these decisions!
Yasmin herself recently blogged about the inspiration she's had about the project she might make.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


I received a lovely email response this morning from Eva and Ger @ Pippablue.
Pippablue are based in Cathedral Buildings, Middle St., Galway and sell Fabrics, Craft Supplies, Knitting Wool, Dressmaking & Knitting Patterns and Gift shopping and also provide Sewing Classes. And they have an online shop too with... best news... free delivery on orders over €50 to the Republic of Ireland! But even for those outside of Ireland, take a look at the interesting patterns, fabrics, creative kits and so much more.
Eva said in her email that the stock changes a lot so it's a site I'll have to keep checking back with. And I hope to pay a visit to a friend in Galway soon and will be sure to drop in.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Past postings in a previous position

"Past postings in a previous position"?! Excuse the daft title... alliteration got the better of me.
These are the previous postings I had about 'sewing' on my History of Design Blog:
I'm looking forward to gathering (oh dear, pardon the pun) together my sewing projects here.