Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dress for a wedding

When I first started looking at dress patterns, I decided it was probably best not to buy something too fitted. I chose Burda 7352 because the dress is bandeau-style and the ribbons allow it to be worn in different ways. I'm big into functional too!
I bought beautiful fabrics in Hickey's of Henry Street. Mini Floral Jersey and Sophie Chiffon. I think possibly the chiffon is too good for this project! It's a little bit on the heavy side. I think it's great how Hickey's receipts have care codes for the fabric.
Here's the dress:

I'll try and make a prettier, more dramatic ribbon tie at the back on the day of the wedding!
 And the matching headpiece (which I didn't make)


Mini Floral Jersey
96% Viscose - 4% Elastaine

Sophie Chiffon
100% Polyester

Cut-up Top

Another Cut-up Couture project. This time made from a man's shirt, size L. A halterneck top. The shirt was an old one my brother had.
 See the original shirt buttons at the back.
I liked this. It was fun and I'd make it again but the measurements weren't great in terms of making the halterneck fit properly around the neck or the back. The back sits a bit too low (hoisted up over my bra in this pic).

Cut-up Jumper

Recently I blogged about a Japanese pattern-book called Cut-up Couture. The patterns take men's garments and turn them into interesting female garments.
I made a jumper from two XL man's sweatshirts, bought in Penney's for €12 each. The ribbon was bought in the wonderful, huge, Hickey's in Galway near Eyre Square.
It balloons at the back, and ties with a ribbon at the front.
The pattern calls for men's L sweatshirts so perhaps this corner which takes from the "ballooness". This would be avoided if the sleeve and side seam of the original jumper were the same length.

I like things cosy and snuggly, this is more crazy and zany than practical.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sewing Class - Murphy Sheehy

I just started a sewing class at Murphy Sheehy. It's excellent. The tutor is Violet and she's so patient and attentive. It's exactly what I dreamed a sewing class would be. The room is small. The girls are friendly.
I'm making a skirt in black crepe satin.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bunting - olé olé olé

Ireland will soon be playing in some Euro football thingy. I made bunting.

Thanks to Annie at The Village Haberdashery once again for her inspirational post, although this time around she didn't benefit from my custom at her shop because I urgently needed fabric before the first match on Sunday (+ making time) and in very particular colours!
I thought I'd use bias binding for the string but the lady in Studio 54, Blackrock suggested 'tape' at 5 cent a metre. I took my own advice and bought black. But really, her suggestion of white would have been better. I bought 6m of it and it's a bit on the long side. A quick internet search brings me to The Bunting Boutique. Their bunting is in 3m lengths with 55cm (is this a typo; should it be mm?!) at the ends for tying and 9 triangles to a string. She seems to use bias binding.
I also used ribbon cut in three. It'll probably fray like mad.
I found my granny's pinking shears recently but it doesn't cut very well. I tried sharpening it by cutting through tinfoil but it's still not working too great.