Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Polka dot Nappy Bag

The second project my sister-in-law and I shopped for during my recent visit to Germany was... a Wickeltasche.
The fabric was purchased in Anders, Besonders, Gut in Pivitsheide (near Detmold/Bielefeld/Köln). We had great fun with the shopkeeper, and she was extremely helpful too.

So here's the Wickeltasche, or auf Englisch, nappy bag. Is that the correct term? Not having a need for such an item, I actually only know the word in my niece's mother tongue!
The polka dot fabric is washable. It's like oil-cloth but not as thick or as shiny.

The lining is a cotton. We tried to get something lustiger but the shop didn't have anything to match (they did have another very fun fabric which will be made into a project very soon...) so we went for this checkered praktisch lining.
There's a mobile phone pocket inside and a zippable pocket. The zipped pocket is lined in pink satin, forgot to take a photo.

The side of the bag has rings which will clip onto exhisting hooks on the pram:
Who knows how this bag came together, the bottom corners are crazy!
Considering I had no pattern to make this nappy bag, I am very proud of it. I hope it's new owners will be too. In the post...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Star-spangled hat for baby

My sister-in-law is very demanding*!! I visited her in Germany and together we schemed designs for making a nappy bag, lampshades, a clever dress/apron, and - as her child's little white hat no longer fits - a baby hat.
Here's the original white hat which no longer fits:

So I took out my skizzen paper (tracing) and made the pattern pieces, then added 1cm.
I hope I haven't made it too big. I did most of the sewing on the overlocker.
Here's the finished hat:
It's got a peak at the front. I think it looks like a jockey's cap!
I've sent it in the post today. Fingers crossed it fits!

*My sister-in-law could could say the same about me - that I am equally demanding! - having brought me to visit at least three fabric shops during my four-day visit to them in Germany. This fabric was bought in Meter Weise in Bielefeld.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Catch a flight... need a bag...

Airport and airplane restrictions these days make travelling so unpleasant. With some airlines, only one item of hand-luggage is allowed. This is to include handbag and duty free purchases. Regardless of the passport check... and perhaps purchases to be made... and other reasons for needing some small items to hand. Recently it has driven me *crazy* having to open zip, close zip etc on my big bag.
So today, with a flight to catch to Germany at 5pm, I decided to solve the problem and sew up a basic shoulder pouch that could easily crumple into my suitcase if the lady at the boarding gate got snotty and insisted on only one piece of luggage.
I had no pattern but made it up out of my head. The map on the flap laying so perfectly on the map of the main bag was a pure coincidence!
But what was I thinking cutting 90 degree corners?! Next time, that'll be a curve!
Lined with leftover black crepe satin from the High-Waisted Skirt I made recently. And the strap is made from that too.
It's reversible.
Did the job!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tie for a graduation

My uncle is graduating from University this week. I thought such an occasion deserved a new tie (now that I've ventured into tie-making!).

The first tie I made was from yellow/gold silk dupion. I used the Puking Pastilles pattern*. This time, as well as being inspired by Annie's post on her Village Haberdashery blog, I also used fabric purchased from her marvelous online store. I say marvelous because every time I sew with a fabric purchased from The Village Haberdashery, I swoon and ooh and aah! The fabrics I used felt beautiful and wonderful under my  fingers as I cut and sewed.

They are:

* I must admit to adjusting the pattern. As Annie suggested, I brought in the width of it by half an inch on each side.
I must still be doing something wrong, because the lining and main fabric had the middle section going in different directions.
Parts 1 and 2 of the pattern didn't seem to fit together, the join wasn't at a 45 degree angle. Out came my set square and skizzen paper. And my training as an architect came in handy!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A man's tie in yellow-gold Silk Dupion

My inspiration for this project came from - once again - The Village Haberdashery blog.
It was a sixtieth birthday present for a William.
The pattern was posted by Puking Pastilles.
The fabric was purchased in Róisín Cross Silks in Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.