Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Star-spangled hat for baby

My sister-in-law is very demanding*!! I visited her in Germany and together we schemed designs for making a nappy bag, lampshades, a clever dress/apron, and - as her child's little white hat no longer fits - a baby hat.
Here's the original white hat which no longer fits:

So I took out my skizzen paper (tracing) and made the pattern pieces, then added 1cm.
I hope I haven't made it too big. I did most of the sewing on the overlocker.
Here's the finished hat:
It's got a peak at the front. I think it looks like a jockey's cap!
I've sent it in the post today. Fingers crossed it fits!

*My sister-in-law could could say the same about me - that I am equally demanding! - having brought me to visit at least three fabric shops during my four-day visit to them in Germany. This fabric was bought in Meter Weise in Bielefeld.

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