Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sewing against the Clock

Dinner at my friend's last night... in exchange (teasing!) for setting up her sewing machine. The Ikea SY, I was very impressed with it.
And then a mini hot-water-bottle and fur-like fabric was produced; the grand plan was to make a furry cover for the hot-water-bottle.
Quick look at the train timetable. 35 minutes.
Train station is 18 minutes walk away. Can it be done? Sew a furry cover in 17 minutes?!
It felt like the last moments of an episode of the Sewing Bee. The pressure! Was quite fun. And I made the train.

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Personal Blocks

What are those multi-coloured pieces of cardboard on that hanger?!
I've been doing a pattern-drafting course at Róisín Cross Silks in Dún Laoghaire with Sarah Foy. It's a brilliant class. I'm learning so much, flying along.
Have done skirt and bodice blocks. The green peeping out from the back is my skirt block:
Could be better curved I guess between hip and waistline. And sorry you can't see the darts very well.
I went with shades of red/orange/yellow for my bodice blocks, it was especially important to differentiate between the skirt block of it and the stand-alone skirt block.
 And the sleeve is cut from red cardboard.
I'm enjoying it sooo much. I'm also doing an art class in NCAD "Drawing Approaches" on the same day. There is no doubt about the class I prefer, although the art class is excellent - I have a natural draw to the pattern-drafting, problem-solving, practical, tangible aspect of the design-work as opposed to the artistic expressive drawing output!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Colette patterns make me stop and look

Ordinarily when an email comes in from a sewing supply shop or a pattern-maker, I glance at the images and say I'll "come back later... check it out in detail again..." but this morning, an email from Colette patterns caused me to stop in my tracks.
Ok, so the model is quite cute! I'm actually starting (or I should be starting) sewing a Minoru jacket this morning so I was really interested in this other coat pattern. It's unisex. My mother wouldn't be impressed though, she thinks I should wear more feminine coats... nevertheless, this coat could be one for the brothers.
The other pattern is for a bag - looks great in the photographs but I chose to show this image cos the drawings of the three bag options are so pretty-yet-sturdy!
I think "Walden" is the name of the collection. Cooper is the bag and Albion the duffle coat. Nice to meet you!