Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bunting - olé olé olé

Ireland will soon be playing in some Euro football thingy. I made bunting.

Thanks to Annie at The Village Haberdashery once again for her inspirational post, although this time around she didn't benefit from my custom at her shop because I urgently needed fabric before the first match on Sunday (+ making time) and in very particular colours!
I thought I'd use bias binding for the string but the lady in Studio 54, Blackrock suggested 'tape' at 5 cent a metre. I took my own advice and bought black. But really, her suggestion of white would have been better. I bought 6m of it and it's a bit on the long side. A quick internet search brings me to The Bunting Boutique. Their bunting is in 3m lengths with 55cm (is this a typo; should it be mm?!) at the ends for tying and 9 triangles to a string. She seems to use bias binding.
I also used ribbon cut in three. It'll probably fray like mad.
I found my granny's pinking shears recently but it doesn't cut very well. I tried sharpening it by cutting through tinfoil but it's still not working too great.

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