Sunday, April 29, 2012


FabFabYo is a blogger based in Dublin who claims she is
Dangerously obsessed with fabs, that the only reason I'm learning how to sew is so that I have an excuse to buy more!
I bought 2m of "Happy Black" fabric from her but we didn't meet unfortunately as I was off to Europe for a month but my brother met her to receive the package! Really great not to have to pay postage and packaging but I don't know anything about the origin or the attributes of the fabric.

Not sure what to do make with the fabric. A skirt I think. Without panels. Maybe either NewLook 6872 or BurdaStyle 7215
The fabric is quite light. Cotton-y. I wonder if a blouse might work?!
Hopefully experience brings more ability for making these decisions!
Yasmin herself recently blogged about the inspiration she's had about the project she might make.

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