Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beignet Skirt in the Making

I bought some Colette and Sewaholic patterns recently from After my skirt audit, I longed to make the Beignet skirt. I thought the high-waist would overcome the top-matching and draughty-waist problems I have and the fitted shape would suit my figure.

So I went to Hickey's on Henry Street, and searched through the remnants basket (I had a few fabric ideas for various projects that I was searching for). And found this fabric which was very reasonably priced at €1.48 - a mistake maybe - and the receipt shows some information about it. Without the receipt, all I'd know was the length and price seeing as it came from the remnant basket.
It is 59% Polyester and 41% Cotton. I've since learned that "Cairo" is a home furnishings fabric. Does this matter?
Firstly, with only 1.48m, I was a bit tight on fabric and had to cut the front facing panels from two smaller pieces and sew them together. That seems to have worked fine.
Secondly, the fabric is fraying like crazy. So I used bias tape on every seam. This was a ridiculous decision really, now that I see it written in black and white.

Thirdly, the fabric is not pressing well for me. It's too thick, I think. And too polyester-y maybe.
At this point, as a learner-sewer, I'm at my wits end. I feel like throwing in the towel and abandoning all projects. Luckily, I've got a sewing class on Monday next and that will get me back on track.
As to this project, there's some things I love about it. The pockets:
The shape. This was really brought home to me when I saw other people's lovely creations on the Colette Patterns flickr group.
 There was one particularly tough part in the pattern where the facing had to be sewn to the lining:
The pattern is beautifully presented. The instructions are in book form with a slot on the inside back cover for the pattern pieces. I think I was very keen to get started because of how lovely the pattern is. Now I just feel really disheartened. I can't imagine making buttonholes in this fraying fabric. It brings home to me the importance of fabric. Choosing it carefully is half the battle.
I'm creative but I'm not imaginative and that's why up to know I've had success with my projects because I've used the fabric and patterns together suggested by others that were tried and tested. I don't like failure! Trying and failing.

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