Saturday, May 5, 2012

Figure 8 Scarf

The fabric and pattern for this project are both by Anna Maria Horner.
The fabrics are:
  • Loulouthi Velveteens - Zagzig Garnet
  • Voile Solid Pumpkin
I purchased them as "scarf cut" from The Village Haberdashery.

I am a very harsh critic... of myself more than anybody. And there are a few comments I'd make:
  • is the voile silky enough?
  • is the velveteen too hard or will it soften with use?
  • the length I started with was 185cm (72") long and for me, who likes my scarves wrapped close around my neck, this leaves a long bottom end to the figure 8!
I'm not sure how to proceed because I have another scarf like this to make in different fabrics.
Should I 
  • get silkier lining?
  • cut the fabric shorter?
  • not make a "figure 8" scarf but leave it as a normal scarf?
Sigh... I just don't know.
...I should add, though,... that it has been much admired!

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