Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"London" Bag

I was in Murphy Sheehy's fabric shop a few weeks ago and, out of the corner of my eye, spotted some London fabric. It stuck with me. I went back and bought a metre of it... it's 1.8m wide!
I'm such a shocking newbie at all this fabric purchasing and sewing.
But look what I made:
A bag. A "tote". I lined it in a blue fabric bought from John Joyce's in Navan. Not sure really what the fabric is. I made the blue skirt out of it too. It's heavy, linen-y, like overalls!
I used a pattern that was handed out at a free sewing demonstration in Hickey's a year or so ago. Well, I mostly used that pattern... I made up the attaching-the-handles-part myself. And broke the sewing machine in the process. It was spitting out thread at terrible tension. But I replaced the thread and bobbin and took the needle out and put it back in again and I think the sewing machine has recovered.

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