Saturday, May 5, 2012

Simple Drawstring Bag

I thought I could teach myself sewing.
Drawstring bags... I thought I could do one of them very easily.
But all my attempts were failing. Something so simple was defeating me. There was one little key that I was missing.
This winter, living with my parents in the countryside with not much to do, I went to an adult education evening class in a nearby secondary school called "make your own clothes" and I picked up some basics. And the confidence to try a drawstring bag again.
Here's the key... a nip with the scissors where the cord-casing folds down.
The tutorial I used is on
The fabric is 100% white cotton and 100% White Cotton Gütermann thread.
You may be able to see faint little butterflies on the white fabric? They are Sukie Iron-on transfers.
This particular drawstring bag is going to be used as a travelling laundry bag! Because I'm commuting from the countryside to work and I stay overnight in Dublin one or two nights a week.

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