Friday, May 11, 2012

Skirt Audit

I took all the skirts out of my wardrobe, threw them into this basket.
And, one by one, took them out to look at them; to "do an audit".
I was surprised that I only have 1 skirt for day-to-day wear. All my other skirts are dressy or evening or dress-up.
  • There are 8 skirts
  • The majority of the skirts are A-Line. Which must be a style that suits me! See the benefits of doing a wardrobe audit? 
  • I think that the reason I don't have many wearable daytime skirts is that they have to match tops. It can be hard to find good tops to go with skirts but also I don't like the draught that you can have at the base of your back where the top meets the skirt. With trousers I tend to wear tunic tops, or high-waisted trousers. Learning and discovering with this audit!

Skirt appropriate for work-wear

Skirt made from tweedy fabric (20% wool, 75% polyester, 5% viscose) with 'over-layer' (100% polyester).

The Crow Skirt

Bought cheaply in Monsoon as a dress, I cut off the strapless bodice and added a large waistband. It's fun as a jokey outfit. I wore it once to a garden party... but it is black! Not the most appropriate for garden parties or weddings.

Choir Skirt

This is a skirt I wear to choral performances when i'm singing. It's cotton so doesn't get too hot in a crowd and has an elastic high waistband which hugs and supports the diaphragm.
It is much admired by fellow choristers because it has ruffles/gathers but was bought as a bargain at the January sales.

Evening Skirts

"Graduation" Skirt

I wore this skirt for my graduation from university but have not found an appropriate occassion since!


When I was a grunger teenager, I thought it was cool to have a lacy bottom to my long skirts. Although I eventually found a lacy-bottomed petticoat and bought it, I can't remember ever wearing it.

Velvet faux-wrap

The label says "Una" but I can't find any websites for designers or skirt-makers called Una because the Marks and Spencers brand Per Una gets in the way.
There was a panel running down the side 'flap' of this velvet skirt but I found it impossible to match and have ripped it off. I think i'm going to rip the flap off entirely, and the netting at the bottom and have it as a simple A-line, 2 panel skirt.

Skirts are usually what beginners are recommended to start with in sewing classes. I made two skirts and have plans to make a few more before progressing on to more complex garments. This audit has helped me understand my relationship with skirts.

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