Sunday, May 13, 2012

Figure 8 Scarf #1 Take#2

I have re-made the first Figure 8 Scarf that I made! I had bought the Anna Maria Horner fabric and voile scarf cuts from The Village Haberdashery. For the second scarf I made, I didn't use the voile but bought a silkier lining fabric from a local shop. The colour matched the Zagzig Garnet velveteen as well so I decided to remake the first scarf.
I am so glad I bought these scarf fabrics and did these projects. I learned a lot as a beginner seamstress.
Practice on sewing maching

  • straight stitching
  • feeding the fabric in a straight line
  • sewing two fabrics of different textures

Little sewing techniques:

  • starting the seam a little in from the end in order to have a hem to turn in left over (that's a difficult sentence to make sense of! See Anna Maria's scarf-making instructions)
  • hand-stitching the "hem"
And as a result of all that learning, I have two beautiful scarves to present to a friend or family member.

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