Saturday, February 7, 2015

Minoru jacket

This jacket was sewn over a year ago by me. I really liked the pattern and absolutely recommend it.
 It was surprisingly easy to sew a jacket.
 The fabric is maybe a light denim. Bought in Wexford at Colman Doyle's shop. It's interesting because it's got these lines through it, ready-sewn grooves in the fabric.
I remember the zip purchasing being a bit of a challenge- it's open ended.
 For the lining, I used a red satiny lining fabric for collar and sleeves and a floral cotton fabric (used to be a curtain) for the main body - I mustn't have had enough of either fabric so I mixed and matched! Actually it works really well, because the silkiness feels nice at my neck but there's more warmth in the body.
 There's an elastic casing at the back which was easy to make and makes the fit of the coat really work for me.
5 stars to Tasia at Sewaholic - whose website and pattern collection has come on sooo much since I last checked it out. Great work! I think she started out as an independent pattern drafter in Canada only a few short years ago.

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