Saturday, February 28, 2015

"Meditate where you're at" cushion

I intend to meditate more often. So why don't I? I'm not a lazy person and I'm good at keeping my word - so usually when things aren't happening there's an explanation for it. And if I really truly intend or want to do the thing... then I should search for the reason that it's not happening.
I got a meditation chair, thinking that would entice me
 ... but I'm still not meditating. And I think it's because:
  • it takes up a lot of space > so there aren't many options about where it can be
  • the chair is a permanent fixture > I can't move it from place to place depending on where the sun shines or if one of the rooms in my place is occupied
For a while, I thought I wasn't using it because it had no cushions, but I made cushions so I had overcome that obstacle!
I'm staying away from home, alone on a semi "retreat"right now (which is why I'm thinking about meditating!) and I started scribbling and designing an idea for a "Meditate where you're at" cushion - because really all meditating requires is sitting on your bum on the floor and concentrating. I'm a big believer in posture; striking a pose has a huge effect so sitting on the couch wasn't working for me, I need to be crosslegged. The tiled floor is cold here and the cushions were too small... hence the requirement to design something.
I'm thinking it can fold.
The black line indicates a zip. And it's got a handle on it, not sure where yet
There's loads more work to be done! I'm writing about it here so I can throw out the scribbly bits of paper that I've been designing on!
For the filling, I researched some Ikea baby foam mattresses, Vyssa Slappna:
160x70x7 €30
120x60x5 €20
When I go home, I will ask someone to sit on some paper or fabric on the floor and draw around them to get the shape and dimensions.
Regarding the shape, I'm not fully decided on it yet, not entirely sure that I like the heart shape above. I had dismissed this shape, however, and focussed on progressing with the other, the folding etc is working out with the heart shape.
This is what happens with design - an idea must get discarded, sometimes for no valid reason other than a whim - but I suppose that's what designers are for, trusting their whims and following them!

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