Saturday, February 21, 2015

Baby bibs

Today I was mostly... finishing sewing baby bibs
11 bibs made and no two the same
Thanks to for the pattern


The Eleven Bibs - back and front

A tie shape appliqué for a little man.

Plain and simple. Bright orange! With tie fastener.

A simple dickie bow for a boy. And matching blue on the reverse.

It's harder to find ideas for girls! I appliquéd one of the circular shapes from the oilcloth pattern on to the orange fabric.

This one features an appliqué boat on one side, and blue watery colour fabric at the rear.

Same as the first one - tie with blue on reverse.

Black and white fabric with orange on reverse (using up fabric scraps from my stash!)

Blue/orange combo

Orange/ B&W combo:

A lovely oilcloth pattern with orange on reverse:

(I think there's only ten there!) They will be gifts for friends and family.

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