Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Map the Sewintists - Giveaway in Ireland?

There are so few of us in Ireland... or so this map shows. If you're a sewer (or a sewintist...?!) add yourself to this google map.
And if you'd be up for a "giveaway" without excessively-priced postage to foreign lands! I'm up for organising one in Ireland if there's enough other participants.


  1. Hello Roisin.... I'm in Northern Ireland. :)

    1. That counts! Great to hear from you, Sally.
      ps Add sleeves or no? I think "no". I have the Sewing Bee recorded from BBC and going to watch it later today.

  2. there's a few more sewinitists since i last checked :) it's great to find people that aren't in a different country that sew!