Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fitting Form just for me

Dressmaker's Mannequin. Tailor's Dummy. Torso. Dressform. Body Double. Cast. Bust. Mannikin. Mannekin. Moulange.
It's hard to fit clothes on yourself! I heard about "duct-tape-dummies" and thought it might be the exact solution I needed for making better-fitting clothes.
And so my wonderful friend came over - she'd done one before - and helped to tape me up and and then cut me back out of the mould!
It's a funny looking thing. A bit freaky sitting on the couch next to me.
I think there's how-to videos on you-tube or other blogs.


  1. Hi Roisin, How did it work out? I've seen tutorials for doing this online but wonder is it worth the effort! I'd so love a dress form so if it worked out well, maybe I'd consider shrink wrapping myself!

  2. Hmm... How did it work out? To be honest, I have never actually used it... I didn't like the shape of myself! I find my blocks are very trustworthy and I'd prefer more practice using them than playing around with draping techniques. So the answer is, I don't know how useful this is!
    Maybe use attractive looking tape and a nice plastic bag underneath because the brown green thing is not attractive.