Sunday, October 21, 2012


I am a commuter. I get the train each morning to work. I see people carrying their lunches (and breakfasts) in all kinds of bags, mostly plastic shopping bags, sometimes sturdier shopping bags with knotted string handles.
I thought it would be nice to have a personal purpose-made bag for this.
The pattern I used was based on the previous bag I made:
But I fiddled with the dimensions, and I didn't really have a proper plan.
The fabric is designed by Melody Miller, her Ruby Star Shining collection. It's a lovely cotton-linen weight.

The lining is a leftover blue lineny thing that I made a skirt out of previously.

The dimensions are wrong, I need to work on that. All these things matter. I think it's ok to through together some fabric, add a handle, that's a bag... but then a fork doesn't fit in it. Or it's too big and you're tempted to put your novel into it as well as your lunch.

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  1. Cute bag... useful for lots of little projects if not lunches! :)