Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fabric shopping - from the virtual to reality

Everytime I submit an order to the online fabric shop, The Village Haberdashery, I get extremely excited. Annie has a great deal on European Shipping for £5. Often when I shop online, adding things to my cart, I have to chicken out before the last click because shipping from US or Australia or UK to Ireland increases the cost scarily.
I can't wait for this order to arrive. I'm on a tie buzz at the moment! Ties are so personal. When men in my life mention a big occasion, I want to make them a tie! And it's fascinating to look at fabrics and imagine the different male personalities wearing them. A fabric that strikes me as "no, awful" when I'm considering one person, suddenly seems perfect for another!
I've made two ties so far: from yellow silk dupion, and from a gentle-colour-tone floral print (Hope Chest Floral in Blue):

The order I've just sent in includes:

Flock - Kaleidoscope in Blue
Center City - Los Angeles in Midtown
Alchemy - Coquina in Taupe
Curious Nature by Parson Gray - Universe Night

I also bought some more Melody Miller because my previous projects from her fabrics were so much admired.
Ruby Star Vinyl - Records in Ambrosia

Here's my previous projects:

And the ever-efficient Annie at The Village Haberdashery emailed me a "shipped" notice this evening so I'm hopeful that I won't have to wait to long for my parcel to arrive.

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