Monday, January 12, 2015

Box zipper pouch

Following on from my experiments in zipped pouch making, I wanted to follow a tutorial posted by Pretty Modern for a fully lined zippered box pouch.
The fabric is black and glittery and was bought in Pivitsheide in Germany, the shop is called Alles Besonders Gut. I've mentioned them before. It's near where my brother lives and the woman of the shop knows myself and my sister-in-law now and jokes to other customers that her shop is so well renowned she has people flying over from Ireland especially to make purchases! And she's not wrong! We love visiting the shop together when I'm over. The fabric is an oilcloth, though I don't think it would ever be intended as a table covering. I think it is a crafting oilcloth.
I didn't copy Pretty Modern's instructions exactly, in that I only put the puller/tag on one side... I'd recommend putting one on both ends as she instructs!
I like the box shape but for my immediate need (a few nights abroad) the size of the large pouch using a 30cm/12" zip with the boxed bottom is the most appropriate because it will carry my toothbrush, hairbrush and other bathroom essentials and can stand up on a sink. In fact, it might be a bit deep/large considering I can't transport containers larger than 100ml and my hand luggage is limited.

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