Sunday, September 28, 2014

Copying a Coat

My aunt's friend has entrusted me with copying her favourite coat. A Max Mara. Very well-worn.
I hope I'm up to the task - because now all she has is a half coat.
...and lots of pieces from which I'll trace a pattern.
I tried tracing the coat pattern without ripping it but I'm glad now that my friend recommended this move because I had traced the arm-sleeve at the wrong angle. See how the sleeve and the main body of the coat are the one piece?
The fabric is wool cashmere.
I've preserved the buttons, pockets and shoulder pads.
Local shops here in Ireland only got in their winter stock a week or so ago. I was surprised. I had hoped to get this project started much earlier in the Summer. Even the lining has proved tricky to replace. The original lining had the Max Mara brand name printed in it

I had searched online but couldn't trust myself to buy such expensive fabrics without touching them, and even when I got samples, I wasn't fully satisfied. But all is well now, Murphy Sheehy had the stock to fit the bill.
A lovely lining, with pattern but still all black:
And lovely soft wool cashmere (which I hope will be warm enough when sewn up):
Let the challenge begin in earnest! I have a marvellous propensity to take on projects and tasks that are just one or two rungs on the ladder higher than the level I'm at myself!

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