Monday, November 5, 2012

3 men's ties

The "tie" on the right is just fabric, I forgot to take a pic of it and had already posted it off to my brother abroad.
I used the same pattern as I have used previously. ... with a few personalisations that I hope to post about soon. With the tie on the right, I used a stiff-ish interfacing and no lining, so the interfacing is sewn onto the tie fabric (I'm not too pleased with this finish). On the middle tie, I didn't use any lining or interfacing - it's got quite a casual feel to it, day-to-day, grunge chic which suits the fabric pattern. The third tie is very substantial. I used dressmaking interfacing, the fabricy kind which is not so stiff. And I lined the tie in black cotton voile. I
I set out to follow the pattern exactly and to be able to compare the three ties using the same criteria but I simply can't seem to confine myself and un-confuse things! I like variety... and besides, I didn't have a lining that matched the midtown fabric.
The fabrics are, from right to left:

Each have a very different personality. I hope the receivers will approve.

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