Monday, August 13, 2012

Sewaholic Renfrew Top in salmon pink

Tasia has some wonderful patterns on She designs them herself and gets them printed. Really friendly presentation and a basic storage envelope. I bought the Renfrew Top pattern from but I think there are a few other stockists in Europe and UK (not sure about Ireland, specifically).
I made "C" with the cowl neck...

...but with the long sleeves of "A"...

...and added 2 inches to the length (as I like my tops long). [Pity about the awful leggings, and the slumpy posture.]

The pattern called for a "stable knit" - the jersey I used - bought from Hickey's Henry Street - is quite light and as you can see, a little bit too see-through. The wrist bands have stretched badly out of shape.
Most of the seams are done on an overlocker. I used the machine at my sewing class at the Grafton Design Academy in Dublin. But I've since bought myself an overlocker. Exciting!
Cowl neck...
I'm not sure if I misread the pattern or if there's a mistake in it - my cowl is actually inside out! The seam connecting the two pieces and the seam at the centre back were facing opposite directions which didn't look right. I re-stitched one of them (at my teacher's advice, I hasten to add) but that resulted in the cowl being inside out. All my friends assure me they would never notice... but I know...


Viscose Jersey
100% Viscose

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